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seasons of making

new work in progress, by KF

Back in the studio, after some weeks away from making things with my hands.  Been busy with Cultivate, a new project I launched this summer to grow the community for contemporary dance and performance up here in the North Country.  Feeling nourished and fed and full-up happy after hosting a crew of crazy gifted and generous artists, and watching the little town of Bethlehem come alive with dancing, laughing and art-centered mingling.  Hoping to side step any post(performance)-partum by heading directly into the sewing room, and taking this happy residue with me.

I’m still working with bits…of words, text, graphics and fussy-cut fabrics. (Yes, fussy-cut is an actual term!) Something about maps or messages, as per usual…  grids, like farm landscapes as seen from above, arranged to make layers of meaning.  Obsessed by the combination of words and image and fabric.  And of course, the intimate nature of an object meant to be worn, and the casual (read:non-precious) nature of, in this case, the sweatshirt.  Add to this the textural|textual juxtaposition of the pieces themselves (remnants and scraps of flour sacks, feed bags, work aprons, antique doilies and commercial ribbons, delicate vintage tea towels and rugged denim and hand stamped pieces from my to-do list series, and it’s a recipe for tactile delight.

new clothing collage work by KF


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