focusing the eyes, following the thread

detail of "materials" by KF

I am a dance artist, educator, writer and maker of many handmade things, most of them improvisationally pieced art quilts.  For years I’ve made myself slightly crazy trying to make my way simultaneously through these various fields of creative research.  While I’m far from figuring it out entirely, and feel most days like I’m walking around in the dark, bumping into my limitations and shortcomings, I do feel like I’m starting to get somewhere.  I’m learning, over and over again, that patience is a practice.  I’m learning to let what I make show me what I need to show me the next move.  I’m learning to focus and follow the thread…

There’s a subtitle to this blog, or will be, once I figure out which one it is, out of the many that are hovering in the air as possibilities.  The fact that the exact right one hasn’t appeared yet, while mildly frustrating, won’t stop me from forging ahead anyway, given that my underlying philosophy and strategy in most endeavors is to simply begin anywhere, keep going, and trust that the process will lead somewhere fruitful.

Here are a few of the many versions and variations that have been filling the pages of my notebook in the last few days.   None of them sounds exactly right quite yet, but all of them have a good dose of what I’m after here.

following the thread:

life lessons from the sewing room

pieces about pieces and how they come together

what i’m learning about life from making things with my hands

how quilt-making teaches me everything i need to remember about why i am here.

what happens when an improviser sits down at the sewing machine and listens to fabric

I’m sure there will be more, as the pieces emerge.  That’s the beautiful thing about improvising: watching things take shape, find form, come into being.  Paying attention in this way is at the heart of my practice as an improviser, not just in the dance studio, but in the sewing room.

I’m glad you found your way here, and I hope you enjoy following these threads…


1 Response to “focusing the eyes, following the thread”

  1. 1 David Henry Partington February 7, 2012 at 1:16 am

    Perhaps, when it all seems to make sense, we really are deluded into believing it makes sense; but does that matter? So long as we believe it? I think it does.

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